Redemption and me, live on TV

(Hey, if my titles rhyme more often, will I get more views?)

Anyway, morning, everyone!

As the title said, the good people at WFMZ were kind enough to interview me on Saturday. The topic was Redemption, and here’s the interview.

A sincere thanks to WFMZ for the interview. As always, if you want to purchase the book, you can get it directly from me or on Amazon.


2 thoughts on “Redemption and me, live on TV

  1. Hi Michael, it’s Miss Eileen. Read your book as soon as it came out. I judge a book by whether when I get to the end I feel a certain sadness at leaving the characters. Well, I was sad and can’t wait for the sequel. Keep writing.


    1. Haha. Thanks so much Miss Eileen! I’m glad. Please leave a review on Amazon? I really could use those!


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